On Winner's Podium for the First Time

"I’m overjoyed standing on the winner's podium for the first time and it feels great. I believed that I was capable of achieving such a result, which I proved today and I’m most satisfied. It's my childhood dream come true."

On Winner's Podium for the First TimeFor the most part of the year Düsseldorf promenade by the Rhine River is full of people who enjoy drinking coffee in one of the numerous cafés there. Every year, the snow is brought from the nearby ski hall to create the winter atmosphere for the cross-country ski spectacle, which is unique in the World Cup.

On Winner's Podium for the First TimeVesna has always raced well on this track and her rankings had been great already in previous seasons. This year, she ranked 10th in qualifications and qualified for the finals effortlessly. In the finals, she led all the time and had the chance to win. In the end, Sweden’s Hana Falk was too fast for all of the contestants, while Vesna lost the fight for the second place with Russia's Korosteleva for merely few centimetres. Nevertheless, Vesna achieved her best placing in career by winning the third place.

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