First World Cup Win

Rybinsk remains a fortunate place for Vesna. Two years ago, she qualified for the grand final for the first time and placed 5th. Today, however, she was invincible in the World Cup sprint event.

First World Cup Win"It's a glorious day. My first victory in the World cup. It defies all description. I cannot stop smiling. Every time I went on the track, I felt better. I knew that I could win. The service team has done a great job. Without it, I couldn't have won," were her first words after winning.

First World Cup WinVesna was the fastest already in qualification. She defeated her rivals almost effortlessly also in the quarter- and semi-final. Also competing in the grand final was her Slovenian colleague Katja Višnar; others were Justyna Kowalczyk, Magda Genuin, Claudia Nystad and Miriam Goessner. Vesna's running was excellent and tactically perfect. She was leading all the time and even in the last few metres she let neither Kowalczyk nor Genuin pass her by.

Katja Višnar achieved the success of her career by finishing 6th.

To see the video of the finals please click the following link:

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