Festivity for Gold Vesna

"These feelings are indescribable. You simply must experience it yourself. It's just crazy," were the words of Vesna Fabjan gazing at the crowd gathered in front of the Fabjan family house in Besnica to give her a warm welcome after her first win in the World Cup.

Festivity for Gold VesnaOn 22.1.2010, Slovenian cross-country skier Vesna Fabjan won her first victory in freestyle sprint in the World Cup in Rybinsk, Russia. Two days later, Vesna and Katja Višnar, her team colleague from Bled, were placed second in team sprint event. The weekend in Russia couldn’t have been more perfect. Perfect was also the reception for the second Slovenian cross-county skier in history who managed to win such a prestigious contest.

Vesna Fabjan and her team returned home on Monday, 23.1., in the evening. The crowd of fans was waiting for her in front of the family house in Besnica. There was her family, friends, townspeople and members of TSK Merkur Kranj sports club. Present were also Jelko Kacin, Member of the European Parliament, also coming from Besnica, and Damijan Perne, the mayor of Kranj, who received Vesna at the town hall a day later.

Festivity for Gold VesnaIn Besnica, the spirits were high. The cheerful atmosphere was created by the folk ensemble called 'Besniški kvintet', while the members of the family were serving home-made pastry. Vesna and Katja, who also came to Besnica, were surprised to see the fireworks before they stepped on a path lit by torches leading to a stage set near the house. "Let it stand there. The Olympics are near," could be heard among the crowd.

Vesna Fabjan commented on her first win in the World Cup: "Already in the morning of that day I felt that I was going to win. However, the first place prize was not a medal or some sculpture. They gave me a fur cap. They knew exactly why - it's freezing there and if I’m to go to Russia again, I’m obviously going to need it."

On behalf of the people of Besnica, Zmago Zadnik, the president of the Local Community Besnica, congratulated Vesna for winning the first and the second place. Vesna's relatives wished her all the best in verse: "Our hero Vesna is fast as lightning, when she races, she never stops fighting. The Fabjan family wishes you from the heart that you and your victories will never grow apart."

Vesna's brother Aleš brought a cake and both, Vesna and Katja, gladly cut into it. Visibly moved, Vesna thanked all for coming to Besnica: "I’m glad that I’ve done so well that we can all be here, rejoicing together. Thank you all who support me and cheer for me."

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