About me

Vesna Fabjan

Already as a little girl I was full of energy and always ready for adventure. I come from a sport active family – my father Miran had been an active athlete all along, so was my brother Aleš, who was the first in the family to cross-country ski. Since I was very curious, I frequently accompanied him to the training and the coaches noticed my talent so they invited me to join the club. It all started as a game; I met a good deal of new friends and every practice was fun. My story in cross-country skiing began when I was 8.

Many ask me why I decided for the sport which is so straining and exhausting. In my youth, I did well in ball sports; I also like alpine skiing and as children we would spend most of our free time on a nearby hill where I learned how to ski. Even today people ask me whether I had been training also alpine skiing but I’ve never even taken elementary lessons. Probably, I could have been successful also in that sport but the first trainings in cross-country skiing overtook me entirely, mostly due to making it a game and being outdoors, which gave me great pleasure being a vivacious girl. Also my new friends influenced greatly on my persevering in this sport. One of them - Katja Mravlje is still a good friend of mine.


Having a very important role are also my parents, who were prepared to drive me to practice every day and stood by my side in good and difficult moments, which were not rare since everyday practice demanded giving up things I would have liked doing. It was challenging to find reconciliation with school obligations and without the good spirits and understanding of teachers at Stražišče Elementary School and later professors at Kranj Economics Gymnasium it would be even more difficult. The most problematic was probably physical education since my everyday practice prevented me from performing all the additional afternoon curriculum obligations. Due to sports professor's lack of understanding, my parents were once invited to attend the parent-teacher interview. Notwithstanding, I was an excellent student. As a talented athlete and a good student I received in 2000 a reward of Rok Petrovič Fund, which is granted to young athletes who successfully combine sport and studying.


Hard work and studiousness were repaid with numerous awards in competitions. Even today I like to remember how overjoyed I was, when I first ranked among first ten and when I received my first award in junior category. Later, I was winning medals and cups in national and international competitions. Besides the award for winning the Topolino Junior Festival in Italy I got a whole pile of plush toys and souvenirs, which are still proudly displayed on a visible spot since this victory meant a lot to me.


I was competing successfully in youth categories in European Cups, won a medal in European Youth Olympic Festival, but the door to the World Cup opened widely after I won the Universiade in 2005 and became the Under 23 World Champion in 2008.


For every athlete, competing on the highest level on the world scale means even more renouncement and hard work, which I experienced myself. Constant travelling, being away from home for almost half of the year, constant packing of clothes and equipment and disagreements in the team are a part of every top athlete's life. Throughout the years I have learnt that being successful means that besides hard work, excellent preparation of equipment and proper diet are very important. To be able to overcome pressure and conflicts, which are usually hidden from the public, psychological preparation is vital.


Nevertheless, I’m happy to be able to enjoy beautiful moments such as my first victory in the World Cup in 2010. I cannot describe how it felt to be the first to cross the finish line and to triumphantly hold my hands high standing on the highest step of the winners' podium while receiving congratulations.        


My eyes filled with tears of joy as a sports commentator illustrated my success by saying that spring goddess Vesna came to warm cold Russia. My effort was awarded also few days later when I came home, where my whole family and a big crowd of friends gave me a magnificent welcome. I was glad to shake hands with everyone. Thanks to all who congratulated me then – believe me this was the best support for the future. I promise to make up to you by continuing achieving good results and remaining, as you say, a simple girl.


Beautiful moments give me motivation and hope to continue my career and I believe I haven't said the last word yet. Athletes always set themselves new goals; we want to go higher and higher... We must let our dreams take their course because we can make our hopes and dreams come true!


Vesna Fabjan